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I have been suffering with severe sinusitis for the past 10 months. Never had this problem before. In doing research on how to naturally remedy my problem, I came across this product. Being a strong dose I took only one capsule in the morning. By the evening when I usually have my worst sinusitis pain and drainage/mucus. I noticed I wasn't in pain and my sinus problem was no longer there! I do hope this product will help with my other ailments, that according to them it can help on more problems than just sinusitis. I will update in one month to see if I have gotten more results.

— Frank K

This the best strength serrapeptase that I've seen and its very effective in decreasing the size and pain of uterine fibroids. It has the added benefit of reducing period pains and duration of periods. I will definitely purchase this product again.— Nolan F Great anti inflammatory and sinus improvement. At 61 years old and a double fusion in my cervical and lumbar spine I have no pain or aches. I swear by this great high dose serrapeptase. The wife loves it too— Robert M It’s a great product and it works Reduce pain and helped with my chronic condition to control inflammation. Improved my mobility and muscle recovery

— Ellen F 

Scar tissue from sinus surgery diminishing. I have taken this product for a number of years. It eats dead tissue out of the body. Like plaque in arteries and veins.

— Daniel B

Amazing product back pain almost 100% gone after 1 month at therapeutic dose (1 pill 3 times a day) plus old scars from a motorcycle accident are disappearing. I have recommended this product to family and friends.

— Neal R

I have taken serrapeptase before, but not this brand or this strength. I read about this product helping with mucus, phlegm. I have a lot of post-nasal drip, constant clearing my throat. This has helped TREMENDOUSLY, in just a few weeks. Of course, I also use it for helping blood circulation. Thank you for this amazing product. I love that it's just one capsule a day. :)

— Alberto A

I love how I feel after I take it. I have more energy, my mind is more clear and overall I feel lighter. I always look for a company I can trust. This is my first purchase with this one. If in the future the company is going to keep its quality as it is by now there is no reason to search for something else. Definitely I will stay with this one. No change - No nasty ingredients...and I will be their customer forever.

— Sarimah H

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