What is Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is fundamentally a proteolytic enzyme. The main job of these enzymes involves the breaking down of proteins. These enzymes were originally found in the intestines of the silk worm and since their discovery, this revolutionary substance has taken the world of health care by storm, with the plethora of health benefits that it has to offer. It is being extensively used in many nutritional supplements and is made non-synthetically in large vats, in clinical conditions, so no harm is done to the precious silk worms!

Promotes Mobility and Flexibility


Serrapeptase help support and maintain and joint health and promote normal cardiovascular arterial health. Serrapeptase is processed naturally in the laboratory through a fermentation process. It was originally found in the silkworm, where it is naturally present in its intestine. This immunologically active enzyme is completely bound to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in biological fluids. This proteolytic enzyme is able to digest certain types of protein, but attacking only dead tissues.

Studies suggest that this enzyme in the body produces anti-inflamatory mediators that reduce swelling, redness, and pain. The enzyme contributes to a blockage of the release of pain-inducing amines from inflamed tissue. Blocking amines results in a reduction of swelling and other inflamatory responses. It has been suggested that those with joint problems and slow healing, for example, or those experiencing injury or post-operative recovery, may benefit from improved nutritional and dietary levels of Serrapeptase.

 Serrapeptase Breaks Down Fibrin

What is Fibrin?

Fibrin is a protein that is typically produced by the body in response to an injury and is responsible for the formation of blood clots and scar tissue.

Serrapeptase reduces the accumulation of fibrin in the body which subsequently decreases the risk of developing blood clots and arterial plaque.

When produced in the right amounts, fibrin prevents excessive bleeding from a wound and is an important part of the healing process. However, when too much is produced, blood clots may persist and increase in number, resulting in deadly health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) (13, 28-30). Complications that are caused by fibrin can also lead to a number of chronic and progressive diseases such as Alzheimer's, endometriosis, and fibrocystic breast disease (FBD).

Supports Sinus Health

Sinusitis refers to swelling and inflammation in the lining of the sinuses. The sinuses are air cavities in the cranial bones, especially the bones next to the nose. Sometimes the sinuses dry out and crack, forming places for irritants and allergens to lodge and cause inflammation. Sometimes the sinuses get infected with either bacteria (which cause sticky green and yellow mucus) or viruses (which cause runny clear mucus), or both. And because the opening of the sinuses is tiny, just a millimeter or two across, a little inflammation and swelling can cause a lot of pain for weeks or even months.

The actions of Serrapeptase also seem to affect mucous production through improved drainage. Studies suggest that Serrapeptase may have modulatory effects on specific acute phase proteins that are involved in the inflammatory process. This is substantiated by a report of significant reductions in C3 and C4 complement.

Serrapeptase is used for a vast array of applications for human health and disease prevention. This includes therapeutic use for nerve damage, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic ear infections, hay fever, lung congestion, swollen glands, laryngitis, rhinitis, chronic pain, arthritis, back and neck pain, diabetes, ulcers, osteoporosis, prostate problems, rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries (both prevention and recovery), post-operative scars and lesions, varicose veins, arterial diseases, angina, blood clots, anti-aging, restoration of healthy fibrin metabolism and reduction in C-Reactive Protein.


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