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I was Skeptical
Nov 8, 2016

I have been suffering with severe sinusitis for the past 10 months. Never had this problem before. In doing research on how to naturally remedy my problem, I came across this product. Being a strong dose I took only one capsule in the morning. By the evening when I usually have my worst sinusitis pain and drainage/mucus. I noticed I wasn't in pain and my sinus problem was no longer there! I do hope this product will help with my other ailments, that according to them it can help on more problems than just sinusitis. I will update in one month to see if I have gotten more results."

- F. Kunkle

Miracle in small vessel
Sep 5, 2016

Excellent product!!!....Highly's working wonders!....Thank you!!!"

- Genevieve

Amazing Product…
June 5, 2016

Amazing product back pain almost 100% gone after 1 month at therapeutic dose (1 pill 3 times a day) plus old scars from a motorcycle accident are disappearing.I have recommended this product to family and friends"

- N Rubenstein

Superb Serrapeptase!!
July 11, 2016

This is by far the best Serrapeptase I have ever taken. I don't even have to take as many capsules even though they are the same strength. I take one three times a day instead of the three two times a day of the other one I was taking. I will order this one all the time. It is less expensive to use and I would recommend this to anyone.

I have MORGELLONS so I want the best possible and I do believe this one is the best for me. Not sure if it is due to timed-release or what."

- J. Jentz

Z Miracle Enzyme
August 3, 2017

Before getting into fancy "procedures" (what a misleading expression for invasive surgery) or latest high-tech poisons/medications, do your own research and you'll find the most suitable natural "supplements" to improve health.
Read articles and see youtube videos about SERRAPEPTASE ... will be an eyes opener and life saver! My case: 7 month sleepless nights and leg pains when laying down.
As soon as I started taking Serrapeptase the pains vanished almost immediately (2nd day) and got back my night sleep."

- M.S

Circulatory Enzymes
January 5, 2017

Best and most potent systemic enzymes."

- Genia

Excellent. You see result in 30hrs.
March 10, 2017

Excellent. You see results in 30hrs. The tension and minor swelling is resolved in 30 hrs definitely. If there was acute trauma the results would be experienced in 6-8 hours immediately. Enjoy, I do!"

- iSerra Customer

Works great for tennis elbow and rotator cuff pain
June 16, 2017

I tried this for tendinitis issues (tennis elbow and rotator cuff pain) and it definitely helped! I was taking 4 Aleve a day and getting little relief. I've stopped taking Aleve completely and now take 6-9 of these per day. My pain is about 75% relieved after one month (it took about two weeks before I really started noticing it). Hoping a few more months until it's gone"

- iSerra Customer

I have a good experience with this product
April 4, 2017

I have very good experience with this product. I noticed a big improvement on scares and general well being."

- Blitz

It minimize my scar appearance
March 20, 2017

I recently had back surgery. It minimize the scar appearance and the shortness of my recovery period!"

- K. Sykes